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Fists in Solidarity

Strategic Partnership

Leading Citizen Action in Canada

We are working from Coast to Coast to make sure your values matter, and that you are not alone.


Where does it start - it starts with YOU! All across Canada, people like you are taking back their nation, one community at a time. Churches, ministries, and leaders are mobilizing to bring the 4 pillars into each area of society to influence our culture. We want to see National Leadership Briefing in every city, town and local community where have an impact all across our nation. To do that, we need you helping us accomplish the commission of Christ.


Would you like to see Kingdom culture move forward in society? Then we are asking you to partner with us.

“The coming months and years will determine whether Canada moves in the direction of protecting the core human rights of our most vulnerable or continues sleepwalking towards a humanitarian catastrophe with the sex trafficking of indigenous women and children, refugees, and other vulnerable populations reaching unprecedented numbers. Doug’s leadership and commitment to the cause of orphans and widows being exploited by human traffickers has been key in this crucial season.”

Michael Down


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