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National Leadership Briefing - (December 1 2023)

00:00 Intro

05:56 Answer Period: Repetition & 4 Pillars

17:30 Negotiating for Platform Part Three

33:49 Israel: Defensive State

42:16 Do we stand with Israel

43:02 Jewish Communities in Canada

46:44 Standing with our Jewish Neighbours in Canada

51:32 Home Stretch NLB December 1, 2023  

• Discover how you can partner with us to grow our combined influence -

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• NLB Registration Link for you to share -

• Our Rally Points.  The Four Pillar Story -

• Haven’t seen the foundational training videos?  Click here to watch all four NLB Essentials Training Videos -

• Special Giving Tuesday Link in case you missed it -


• Conservative Party of Canada Policy Book –

• Helping talking points for your negotiation meeting with candidates and incumbent Members of Parliament – ---- 

• Stephen Harper and Israel Video Link -    • Israel and Human Rights  

• If you are willing to stand with Doug our Jewish Friends here in Canada please get in touch with Doug here – ----

• Register for the upcoming Transformer Zoom Call on December 14th by sending an email request to this email address –

• Here are details regarding the topic and speaker for the transformer call – Attached doc sent to you yesterday with Kenn Gill’s bio and topic notes ----  Citizen Action Group Training Video - ---- Navigating AI with Faith: AI Revolution including ChatGPT and its impact on jobs, businesses and parenting

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