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National Leadership Briefing - (November 3 2023)

NLB November 3, 2023

Last Month’s NLB -

Playable and downloadable Remembrance Day Video

National House of Prayer Website Link

Important Links

• Paul’s counsel to the church at Philippi - Scripture Link

• The 4 Pillar Story PDF

• The 4 Pillar Story Video

• Sphere Authority Training Video -

• Sphere Authority Training Template (Downloadable)

Action Steps

  1. Commit to Advance and Hold the Ground you are called to serve on.

  1. Deploy the Assets you are supplied with following the training.

  2. Stay Connected to the National Leadership Briefing & Share it with others.

  3. Attend our Next National Leadership Briefing for Part 2 of the ‘Negotiate for Platform’ Training – Next NLB is on Friday, November 3, 2023 (always on the first Friday of every month)


Support the National Leadership Briefing and the important work we all do together by partnering with us here -

To support the work of Canada Family Action click here -

Use the following links to stay in touch

There is much that we have planned as we continue to grow our combined influence.

There are opportunities that we can capitalize on if we have an increased level of resources. On the road ahead, if you would like to partner with us financially please click the following link.

Please don't hesitate to share this valuable update with your friends and family and encourage them to register for the next National Leadership Briefing on Friday, December 8th.

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