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National Leadership Briefing - (Apr 7 2023)

Everything we review on the NLB is nowhere near as important as this - The Main Thing / The Cross & Resurrection -    • Billy Graham: The Cross and Resurrection  

If you are new to the National Leadership Briefing – or – were not able to join us for the March briefing, I encourage you to watch the March Briefing before jumping into today’s April Briefing. Here is it for you -    • National Leadership Briefing March 3 ...  

I also encourage you to review the NLB Essential Videos found here - TODAY’s - April 7th, 2023, National Leadership Briefing -    • National Leadership Briefing Apr 7 2023   Excellent commentaries regarding Finance and Markets from the US perspective - April 13th, 2023 Transformer Zoom Event Promo Video -    • Video  

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Follow along using the transcript.

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