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National Leadership Briefing - (February 3 2023)

Updated: Feb 1

00:00 Why We are Here: Intro

• If you are new to the National Leadership Briefing, we suggest you watch last month’s briefing as well. Here is the January 2023 NLB video link -    • National Leadership Briefing January ...   _________________________

07:39 Quality Conversations with Elected Officials

• NLB Essentials Training Videos -

• NLB Registration Link for you to share with your friends and family members (Add their voice to yours!) -

13:54 Non-Negotiable Message to Elected Officials

• Quality Conversations 4 Pillar Story -

• Find your MP contact information here -

• To find your Provincial MLA or MPP initiate a Google search – “Find my MLA (enter province name) _________________________

25:18 Join Your Local EDA

27:55 EDA Boundary Redrawing Meetings

28:41 CPC Policy Amendment Opportunities

30:33 Legislation: Protecting Pregnant Women

33:37 Human Trafficking Awareness

36:14 MP Arnold Viersen - Human Trafficking

• To receive future updates regarding the work of Parliament to protect human trafficking and exploited persons send an email request to -

• (Place “Please add me to the Anti Human Trafficking Updates list” in the subject line of the email) • Sample communication from Parliamentary Committee Working Group – • Information regarding Bill C- 308 – National Strategy to Combat Human Trafficking Act – • FEB 22 2023, - NATIONAL HUMAN TRAFFICKING AWARENESS DAY – SPEAKER NOTES – • Be Amazing Campaign for additional Human Trafficking Awareness Resources - • Government of Canada Anti Human Trafficking Resources - ___________________________

45:51 Euthanasia For Children?

47:23 MP Garnett Genuis • Euthanasia Speaker Notes and Resources - • Care Not Kill Resources and Information - • Additional Resources - • Contact your MP and express your support of restricting the expansion of eligibility for euthanasia death of the mentally ill – Find your MP here - __________________________

57:32 Special Event: Feb 9th, 11am EST SPECIAL - Promo Video for Next Transformer Zoom Call with Dr. Patti Amsden (share it with friends and family!) -    • Video   Support our work and DONATE HERE -

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