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National Leadership Briefing - (May 5 2023)

If you missed last month’s National Leadership Briefing here it is -    • National Leadership Briefing Apr 7 2023  

Grow our combined influence by sharing this NLB registration link with your friends and family -

The all-important Sphere Authority Training Video -    • Sphere Authority Training Video   Download the Sphere Authority Training Template here -

Find all of the other NLB Essentials Training Videos here - NLB Essentials | National Leadership Briefing Share this 4 Pillars Video with others and invite them to join us for the next briefing on June 2, 2023 - The Four Pillars | National Leadership Briefing _____________________

Download and share Ezra Levant’s Issue Review Segment regarding Government Censorship -

Stop the Censorship - Stop The Censorship You can find other Rebel News links here - Citizen-based news sources are valuable. Follow Rebel News here - Email Sign Up - Rebel News

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